Dedicated to looking after your Swimming Pool and Spa needs. Our range of service allow you to maximise your enjoyment and relaxation by taking the hassle out of caring for your pool or spa. We offers a full range of services …

Maintenance Plans

Our Maintenance Plans allow you to enjoy your pool or spa hassle free. We offer a range of plans suitable for all pools (indoor and outdoor) as well as Hot Tubs.

Water Testing & Balancing

Committed to providing the highest quality of independent water testing and balancing services available to all of its client base.

Microbiological Water Testing

RS pools is committed to providing the highest quality of Microbiological water testing and balancing services available to all of its business clients.

Summer, Winter & Commercial Covers

RS pools provides swimming pool covers for all types of pools. We have a wide range of pool covers to meet all your swimming pool requirements.

Pool heating options

Our Range of Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pumps are the perfect solution for heating your pool and spa. Heat pumps take heat from the air and transfer it to the pool/spa water.

Pumps and Filters

RS pools provides a range of different pumps and filters, we have used our expertise and experience to bring you the best swimming pool pumps and spa filters.

Automatic Chemical Controllers

Automatic Pool Chemical Controller helps to maintain the water quality. They constantly monitor the water quality and notify you based on the observation.

Pressure Testing/Leak Detection

RS pools use their expertise to to find your leak in the quickest and most straight forward way. Our trained engineer will visually inspect your pool shell to locate the problem.

Sand Changes

RS pools can offer you a total swimming pool filter sand change that will be guaranteed to noticeably improve your swimming pools water quality.

Pipe Work

Swimming pool pipe work can get damaged for a number of reasons. RS Pools can fix your leaking pipework whether it be a small drip or if you need to have your whole pool pipe work replaced.

Liner Replacements & Repairs

RS pools is provides a range of different pool liner replacements & repairs at competitive prices. We are able to offer a range of both quality and depth to meet your needs.

Pool Refurbishments

RS pools will handle all your pool refurbishment requirements and make sure that you are left with a pool that you are not only proud of but matches all your expectations.